We are the architects of your next research programme

Working in partnership, we focus on understanding each client’s research challenge, thereby tailoring experimental solutions to meet the challenges of your specific research questions and priorities.

We match the needs of your research aims, end-to-end, with the most appropriate expertise and technologies. This allows us to provide you with a comprehensive, managed research programme that will accelerate the delivery of successful outcomes.

By engaging our consulting and design services at the earliest phase of your projects, we help you to articulate your research questions. Our expert team enable high quality science to be leveraged on your needs right through to final analysis and the delivery of the solution.

Comprehensive outsource solutions

We design and deliver projects spanning an end to end suite of laboratory, clinical and computational services.

Molecular and cell biology services

We provide a range of laboratory services using state of the art molecular and cellular technologies including;

  • Analysis of post-translational protein modifications for direct drug targets and for components of drug-modulated signalling pathways, including mapping sites of glycosylation and phosphorylation
  • Quantitative analysis of drug-induced changes in protein & RNA expression levels in cells and tissues
  • Development of biochemical and cellular assay systems for use in drug screening
  • Protein tagging and immunoprecipitation studies
  • Interactome analyses
  • Protein expression and characterisation
  • Cell and tissue fractionation and chromatography studies
  • Construction of cell lines expressing reporter constructs
  • Cell Imaging and FACS analyses
  • Immuno-peptidomic analyses of human tumour tissues for cancer vaccine development

Data analysis and computational services

We provide a range of computational tools and data analysis services covering a wide range of applications including;

  • Development of automated pipeline tools for computational analysis including metabolomics and proteomics data
  • Bioinformatic analysis of gene expression data sets
  • Pathway analysis

Clinical services

•We provide clinical expertise and access to clinical materials including access to patient tumour tissue and biopsy material with ethical approval and freedom to operate for commercial applications in drug discovery and therapeutics.

•In conjunction with our clinical partners, we also offer consultancy and delivery services for translational science.

Reliable end to end implementation

We offer a unique combination of comprehensive, ‘end-to-end’ laboratory and clinical research services.

We add value by providing a one stop solution from experimental design, managing project operations, data generation, analysis and interpretation, while assessing and monitoring risks and reporting progress throughout.

Our strong relationship with the University of Dundee and with other academic and commercial organisations, provides reliable and flexible access to a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation and research infrastructure, as well as a pool of highly experienced research and clinical staff who we can contract to work with us on specific projects.  

We orchestrate all elements of a quality implementation through detailed project management using proprietary Platinum software to track in detail all Standard Operating Procedures, methods, samples, and protocols used throughout the project.

Discovery – your one partner, and one point of communication

Our clients benefit from full project management and a single point of contact, ensuring efficiency across all aspects of your project governance.   

Our established project managers work to ensure good governance of programmes and seamless communication. We manage all project interfaces for our clients.

  • Working with Platinum Discovery provides reduced management time required as there is no need to communicate across multiple partners
  • Our clients benefit from absolute clarity on budgets through our efficient reporting systems

Continuous project control from start to finish

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