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Platinum Discovery is a biosciences research consultancy and service provider. At Platinum Discovery we design and deliver complex research projects for the development of advanced therapeutics and diagnostics, helping biopharma to identify biomarkers and potential new drug targets.

Platinum works in close partnership with its clients to understand their challenges, design efficient solutions and offer comprehensive laboratory and clinical research services tailored to their specific needs.

We employ a range of modern research and big data technologies, including proteomics, immunopeptidomics, metabolomics and transcriptomics. In addition Platinum Discovery has access to clinical services. The full range of services supports drug discovery through target identification, validation and mechanism of action studies, which inform and direct pre-clinical projects and clinical trials.

Platinum Discovery began in the University of Dundee, founded by world leading biochemist, Professor Angus Lamond FRS. We work closely with an established network of expert academic and clinical colleagues to ensure that we can assemble the best qualified teams to meet the specific research needs of each client.

The Discovery Process

Platinum Discovery designs comprehensive integrated solutions to meet the complex challenges of discovery and research activities in modern biopharma.

We offer a comprehensive outsource solution. Working with Platinum Discovery brings expertise and technological capacity together to solve your research challenges. All client projects benefit from our secure cloud-based informatics and analytics systems.

Platinum Discovery helps you to deliver optimum results by designing projects using the most appropriate technologies and the most efficient management procedures for your specific needs. Visit our services page to find out more…

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