Neoantigen discovery

Platinum Discovery combines deep understanding of the human proteome and the tools of its analysis with professional project design and management capabilities. We offer a comprehensive, ‘end-to-end’ (clinical consultation -clinical sample acquisition- sample processing- sample analysis- data analysis- insight) drug discovery pipeline for the identification of cancer neoantigens (tumour specific antigens), as well as being able to utilise our expertise to support translational science activities for clinical trial patient samples.  

Facilitated access to patient samples from multiple tumour types (small biopsies and biobank samples), with ethical approval and freedom to operate for commercial application through our extensive network of clinical partners. We have access to one of the biggest and most well-equipped mass spectrometry facilities in Europe, meaning cutting edge analysis of samples at all times.

Validated laboratory procedures for the identification of tumour-specific antigens which are suitable for vaccine development/other suitable immunotherapies and analysing the impact of precision medicine cancer therapies at a cellular level during clinical trials. Our approach characterises off-target effects earlier potentially reducing clinical trial failure rates.


Direct identification of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) presented, tumour-specific peptides, increasing the probability of finding suitable cancer vaccine /cancer immunotherapies targets.

Proven capabilities in computational analysis and data interpretation to deliver enhanced target discovery and demonstrate how the yield of identified peptides are changing under a particular therapy that could be highly beneficial to the success of the clinical trial in both tissue and fluid samples.

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Our clients gain a more detailed understanding of complex diseases and drug targets, resulting in improved effectiveness of therapies, cost efficiencies at multiple levels and ultimately the realisation of precision therapeutics.

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