Multiomics research

We provide state of the art quantitative proteomics and other multiomics technologies from one of the biggest and most well-equipped mass spectrometry facilities in Europe.


  • Analysis of post-translational protein modifications (PTMs) for direct drug targets and for components of drug-modulated signalling pathways, including mapping sites of glycosylation and phosphorylation.
  • Quantitative analysis of drug-induced changes in protein & RNA expression levels in cells, tissues and common clinical samples.
  • Development of biochemical and cellular assay systems for use in drug screening.
  • Protein tagging and immunoprecipitation studies.
  • Interactome analyses.
  • Protein expression and characterisation.
  • Cell and tissue fractionation and chromatography studies.
  • Construction of cell lines expressing reporter constructs.
  • Cell Imaging and FACS analyses.
  • Immunopeptidomic analyses of human tumour and normal adjacent tissues for cancer vaccine development and other suitable immunotherapies.

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Our clients gain a more detailed understanding of complex diseases and drug targets, resulting in improved effectiveness of therapies, cost efficiencies at multiple levels and ultimately the realisation of precision therapeutics.

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