Prof. Angus Lamond FRS FRSE FMedSci

Angus is a distinguished biochemist, renowned for his expertise in quantitative analyses of gene expression and for studies on mechanisms of disease and drug-cell interactions. Holding a professorship in Biochemistry at the University of Dundee since 1995, Angus has authored over 250 peer-reviewed publications and is a sought-after speaker at international conferences. His career includes PhD studies at the University of Cambridge, postdoctoral work at M.I.T. under Nobel laureate Phillip Sharp and 8 years leading a research group at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, in Heidelberg. Combining molecular biology, mass spectrometry, and computational approaches, Angus’ multidisciplinary and innovative research has developed novel methods and uncovered important regulatory mechanisms, including analyses of cancer cells, human stem cells and biopsy tissues, which has shaped understanding of protein expression in health and disease.